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Fresh Suspensions from B&H Airlines – Airbosnia

B&H Airlines has temporarily suspended services to Zurich, Copenhagen and Banja Luka, leaving the carrier with a single daily service to Istanbul. Services to Zurich, via Banja Luka, will resume on April 24, while flights to the Danish capital return to the airline’s network on May 2. The suspensions highlight continuing problems the carrier is having with its part owner Turkish Airlines, which has taken back its Airbus A319 from the B&H fleet, unhappy with the government’s attitude towards its national carrier.

B&H currently has one ATR72 in its fleet. The other is formally still undergoing maintenance. However, there is hope that the aircraft will return soon. According to the official schedule the carrier will increase services to Istanbul to double daily from April 25, operate five weekly flights to Zurich and three weekly services to Copenhagen. The current scheduling would require a second aircraft.

Airlines operating to and from Sarajevo have profited from B&H’s woes and Malev’s demise. With inflated prices, Austrian is now operating two daily flights to the Bosnian capital, with much success. Jat Airways will be doubling capacity during the peak summer months as the Serbian carrier will operate flights with its Boeing B737-300 instead of the ATR72.There is still no word from Niki which is conducting a feasibility study into launching flights to Sarajevo.

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Turkish Airlines may exit from B&H Airlines – Airbosnia

Local media have tipped that Turkish Airlines, which owns a 49% stake in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national carrier B&H Airlines, could soon relinquish its shares. The Turkish carrier accuses the Bosnian government and its lack of cooperation for the current state the airline is in. “The partnership started off well. We wanted to export our know-how to the airline. However, the CEO of B&H had to wait three months to get an appointment at the Ministry of Transport. Our ideas were not met with understanding and the ministry did nothing to secure licenses to other countries. This caught us by surprise”, Hamdi Topcu, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines told the “Oslobodjenje” daily.

B&H Airlines is today operating with one ATR72 since another has been undergoing maintenance for over a month. Turkish Airlines’ Airbus A319, which operated for B&H has returned to its owner’s fleet and will not be returning to Sarajevo. The airline has been forced to cancel numerous destinations and many are beginning to avoid the national carrier due to uncertainty. In 2010, B&H Airlines recorded a loss of 10.230.000 euros. The airline is yet to publish its 2011 financial report although the Ministry of Transport warns that substantial losses were also recorded last year. “Bosnia does not care for B&H Airlines. This was a big disappointment for us. The main reason for the current state of the airline is a complete lack of interest and understanding”, Topcu concludes.

Enver Bijedić from the Ministry of Transport says Bosnia needs a national carrier. “It is our aim to survive with these two aircraft. We have to keep the airline and keep flying until there are better conditions on the market”. Earlier in the month the ministry accused Turkish for not adhering to its purchasing contract. B&H Airlines was set up on the back of the bankrupt former national carrier Air Bosna. The Bosnian government subsidises its national carrier with 3.4 million euros on an annual basis. B&H carried 129.435 passengers in 2011, a decrease of 6.7% compared to the year before.

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BH Airlines

Tomorrow, the 2012 Northern Hemisphere summer season begins. Following on from last week, when changes and additions were published for Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways, this week amendments for Adria Airways, B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines can be viewed.

Adria Airways’ summer season sees a big reduction in operations compared to last year. Flights to Paris, Warsaw, Toulon and Banja Luka were all suspended last year. Seasonal flights to Athens, Dublin, Kiev and Stockholm won’t be resuming this summer. The airline will reduce frequencies on regional flights with services to Priština, Tirana and Skopje taking a hit. On the other hand, the Slovenian carrier will launch new flights to London Luton Airport, increase frequencies to Copenhagen and operate numerous charters.

B&H Airlines will operate flights only to Istanbul, Copenhagen and Zurich via Banja Luka. The airline currently has a single ATR72 in operation. However, if its Turkish part owner manages to make amends with the Bosnian government other aircraft could be returned to the B&H fleet which would lead to some destinations being resumed.

Finally, Montenegro Airlines will reduce frequencies to several destinations. The most notable is a reduction of nine weekly flights from Podgorica to Zurich. The airline will also halve the number of flights to Moscow. However, the Montenegrin carrier will introduce a new service from Tivat to London Gatwick and will strengthen frequencies to Paris.

By clicking on the links below, you can view the 2012 summer season changes in more detail.

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Sarajevo Low Cost Flights…starting

Sarajevo could soon see low cost flights from London, Rome and Dusseldorf as the Bosnian government relaxes its conditions towards no frills airlines. The government currently requires low cost airlines to pay a levy of ten euros per passenger in order to operate flights to the country. Until recently, the levy amounted to fifteen euros but the state government gave up on its share of the takings while the Federation government is expected to follow suit. According to the Al Jazeera Balkans network, interest has been shown for flights to commence from London, Rome, Dusseldorf and a city in Sweden to Sarajevo this summer. Recently, the low cost Austrian airline Niki, owned by Air Berlin, said it was evaluating the Bosnian market.

New airlines would be more than welcomed by airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In February, the country’s busiest airport, Sarajevo, suffered a 21% passenger decrease by handling only 26.278 passengers. During the month the airport was affected by bad weather but also B&H Airlines’ route suspensions. However, the full brunt of the carrier’s woes is to be felt at the airport in March. Currently, B&H operates a single daily flight to Istanbul with an ATR72. During February, Banja Luka Airport welcomed 424 passengers and Mostar 318. Tuzla did not manage to attract any passengers last month.

Sarajevo Airport is served by two low cost airlines – Germanwings and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Norwegian operates flights on a seasonal basis and will be resuming services from Oslo and Stockholm to the Bosnian capital this summer. On top of its all year round service from Cologne, Germanwings will resume seasonal flights from Stuttgart to Sarajevo this summer as well.

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The end of B&H Airlines

B&H Airlines has suspended all operations until further notice but has not ceased the sale of tickets to Zurich, Istanbul and Copenhagen. The airline is currently scheduled to resume operations to Istanbul on March 13, according to the Amadeus global ticketing system. However, the Bosnian carrier has suspended its planned seasonal flights to Gothenburg and Stockholm. It comes a week after it indefinitely suspended services to Amsterdam.

Currently, B&H Airlines does not have an aircraft in Sarajevo. Its two ATR72s are in Monchengladbach in Germany’s west. The ATR registered E7-AAD left weeks ago while the other, E7-AAE, took off for Monchengladbach on March 9. They are officially there for regular maintenance. Meanwhile, the Airbus A319 has been grounded in Istanbul since February 27. The government maintains that it too is undergoing technical checks.

It is believed that recent talks between Turkish Airlines’ management, the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Turkish ambassador in Sarajevo and B&H Airlines’ management broke down earlier in the week. The Bosnian daily “Oslobodjenje” reports that B&H’s part owners, Turkish Airlines, have requested for the Bosnian government to cover debt which has been accumulated by the carrier. Turkish maintains it took over B&H not to make a profit but rather to help the struggling airline back in 2008. The government says it no longer has the means to finance its national carrier. It has ordered B&H Airlines to draft a business plan for 2012 after which talks with Turkish Airlines could resume. Whether B&H can bounce back remains to be seen.

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Talking about the future of BH Airlines

Members of Turkish Airlines’ management flew into Sarajevo yesterday for talks with the Bosnian government over a deepening row regarding B&H Airlines, three weeks ahead of the 2012 summer season. The government, which is B&H’s majority stake holder, is unimpressed with the way the Turks have managed the carrier and are requesting for Turkish Airlines to adhere to its takeover contract. Local media report that Turkish Airlines has not fulfilled many of its obligations which it signed up to back in 2008 when it took a 49% stake in the carrier. The Bosnian government is further angered that it has had to pump in 3.4 million euros into the national airline on an annual basis, despite Turkish’s presence.

Recently, in retaliation, Turkish Airlines took back its Airbus A319, which was operated by B&H and flights to Amsterdam were suspended with little warning. The return of the A319 to Sarajevo was discussed in yesterday’s meeting and progress is said to have been made. In February, B&H Airlines saw passenger numbers stumble 40%. It not only battled with constant flight cancellations as a result of its spat with Turkish Airlines but also saw extreme weather conditions.

Only last week, the Bosnian government approved a 1.3 million euro cash injection to cover B&H’s operational costs. Today, the carrier will only operate one return flight to Istanbul with other services cancelled. Furthermore, one its ATRs is undergoing maintenance leaving the carrier with a single ATR72. Yesterday’s meeting between Turkish Airlines and the Bosnian government is said to be going in the right direction, bringing hope to employees and passengers that the situation can be resolved.

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Fly Niki planning flights to Sarajevo

The Austrian low cost airline Niki, now owned by Air Berlin, plans to introduce flights to Sarajevo, its Managing Director, Christian Lajsek says. The airline is in the process of evaluating the Bosnian market but also other countries in the Balkans, with Tirana mentioned as a possible addition to its network. Speaking to “ATW Daily News”, Lajsek says its network expansion will take place after Air Berlin enters the One World alliance on March 20. For the past year rumours have been circulating that Air Berlin is considering launching flights from Dusseldorf to Sarajevo.

A new service from Vienna would be warmly welcomed by passengers and would mark the end to Austrian Airlines’ monopoly on the route. When B&H Airlines announced its plans to resume services to Vienna this summer, Austrian was forced to reduce its ticket prices. After news broke last week that the Bosnian national carrier cancelled its planned summer expansion, Austrian inflated its prices. The Austrian national carrier will operate two daily flights between the two cities over the 2012 summer season. Niki’s arrival at Sarajevo would also see the return of a One World alliance airline, following British Airways’ pull out from the Bosnian capital. Currently, nearly all airlines operating to and from Sarajevo are members of Star Alliance.

Air Berlin and Niki are present in the region. The two airlines operate flights to Priština, Skopje and Belgrade and seasonal flights to the Croatian coast as well as Tivat in Montenegro. Lufthansa’s Germanwings is the only low cost airline operating all year round services to Sarajevo. During the summer Norwegian Air Shuttle operates flights from Stockholm and Oslo.

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B&H Airlines to minimise the operations

Since Tuesday, B&H Airlines has operated only one return flight to Istanbul, cancelling its services to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Banja Luka and Zurich, which were scheduled to operate over the past two days. It follows B&H’s decision to cut down on flights until the start of the summer season. Despite several attempts to contact B&H Airlines, there has been no response from the carrier. Today, the airline is only operating its morning service to Istanbul cancelling its other two flights for the day – one to Amsterdam and the other being the afternoon service to Istanbul. The return flight on the morning Istanbul service has also been cancelled.

B&H Airlines’ network wide cuts were scheduled to begin in March. As it stands now, over the next month all flights to Amsterdam and Copenhagen will be cancelled. Services to Zurich will operate only once per week while many flights to Istanbul, the carrier’s signature route, will also see cancelations. In November 2011 the airline similarly suspended flights to Amsterdam and Copenhagen for a month. In December it launched services from Banja Luka to the Danish capital, however, they were suspended after only four flights.

In late 2011, the CEO of B&H Airlines, Altan Buyukyilmaz, said the carrier was looking to stretch its wings in 2012 and open new routes. However, as of Monday the airline’s planned new flights to Vienna, Skopje and Dusseldorf have been removed from global reservation systems while ticket sales have been blocked since early February. Meanwhile, the government of the Bosnian Federation approved a 1.3 million Euro cash injection for B&H Airlines yesterday. The bulk of the money will go to covering airport fees, purchasing jet fuel and to Euroctonrol.

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BH Airlines Avio Karte Cene

Promocija od BH Airlines

Sarajevo – Zurich vec of 79 Euro
Sarajevo – Istanbul vec od 89 Euro
Sarajevo – Copenhagen vec od 129 Euro
Banja Luka – Zurich vec of 79 Euro
Banja Luka – Istanbul – Vec od 89 Euro
Istanbul – Zurich vec od 45 Euro


Početkom jula 2008. B&H Airlines je postala prva avio kompanija u Bosni i Hercegovini, koja je počela koristiti elektronske karte. Za prijavu na let, putnicima više nije potrebna ispisana karta, dovoljno je pokazati pasoš/putovnicu ili neki drugi identifikacioni dokument.

Budući da se karta izdaje elektronskim putem, nije moguće da putnik zbog zaboravljene ili izgubljene karte dovede u pitanje svoj let kompanijom koja mu je i izdala kartu. Za eventualno nastale izmjene putovcanja pozovite službu za rezervacije karata B&H Airlines-a na brojeve telefona + 387 (0)33 550125; (0)33 550 126.

Radno vrijeme: pon – pet od 09.00 do 17.00 h, subotom od 09.00 do14.00 h



Opća pravila

Karte za avionski prevoz se mogu rezervirati za sljedeće vrste putnika:

  • Odrasla osoba (Adult) sa navršenih 12 godina starosti;
  • Dijete (Child)osoba do nenavršenih 12 godina starosti;
  • Beba (Infant) osobe do nenavršene 2 godine starosti;
  • Omladina (Youth) osobe između 12 i 25 godina starosti;
  • Starije osobe (Senior citizens) osobe sa navršenih 60 godina starosti.


NAPOMENA: Zbog naših bezbjedonosnih pravila, svaka odrasla osoba može letjeti samo sa jednim malim djetetom do 2 godine. Ako odrasla osoba putuje s dvoje djece, mlađe od 2 godine, za drugo malo dijete mora biti rezervirano sjedalo, kao za dijete s potvrdjenim sjedalom i naplaćena tarifa za dijete do 12 godina.
Promjena i otkazivanje rezervacije
Želite li bilo što promijeniti u već potvrđenoj i plaćenoj rezervaciji, molimo vas da kontaktirate najbližu poslovnicu B&H Airlinesa putem telefona + 387 (0)33 550 125; (0)33 550 126 ili putem E-mail na agencija@bhairlines.ba.

NAPOMENA: O mogućnostima izmjena ili otkaza već plaćenih karata molimo Vas da se informišete tokom plaćanja, jer karte sa posebnim cijenama najčešće ne podliježu bilo kakvim izmjenama ili se svaka izmjena dodatno plaća.

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BH Airlines

BH Airlines kao jedina bosanskohercegovačka aviokompanija ima za cilj da se svim svojim
korisnicima usluga predstavi kao prepoznatljiv brend u sigurnosti letenja i kvaliteti svih usluga koje se očekuju od jedne mlade i savremene aviokompanije.

Budući da sektor avio saobraćaja i zrakoplovstva iz dana u dan sve više raste i da su standardi sve veći i zahtjevniji, BH Arlines ima namjeru da na sve te izazove odgovori još većim ulaganjem u edukaciju prije svega letačkog osoblja, osoblja u tehnici i održavanju, te osoblja koje radi na prepoznavanju zahtjevA i željA klijenata sadašnjice i budućnosti.

Uz sve ovo, cilj i prioritet jeste također povezati Bosnu i Hercegovinu za svim destinacijama koje će olakšati svima da što lakše i brže dođu u ovu zemlju te da na taj način da svoj doprinos u povezivanju i povećanju samih ulaganja u BH privredu i turizam.

Misija i cilj je velik. To i pokazuje dolazak strateškog patnera Turkish Airlines-a kojeg je BH Airlines dokapitalizacijom od 49 % dobio na početku 2009. godine.

Naravno tu ne smijemo zaboraviti i ponudu koju uvjek imamo u programu Charter letova a najomiljenije destinacija je Turska.

Dođite i uvjerite se u kvalitet i kontinuiran razvoj naše aviokompanije jer će nam biti drago da baš Vas vidimo na nekoj od naših linija.

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