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UAE investors eying B&H Airlines

UAE investors eying B&H Airlines

Investors from the United Arab Emirates recently held talks with officials regarding the possible purchase of B&H Airlines, Bosnian media reports. The Federal Minister for Transport and Communication, Enver Bijedić, confirmed talks were held with a delegation from the United Arab Emirates. “It is true that we have held talks and we offered for them to become a strategic partner of the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by acquiring a 49% stake. That means, they have been offered everything which was previously offered to Turkish Airlines”, Mr. Bijedić said. He added the airline interested in purchasing B&H also wants to launch flights from the UAE to Sarajevo.

In a recent statement to broadcaster TV1, Mr. Bijedić unconvincingly said, “We have held talks with… I don’t know… some “Atlas Tours” and some “Airlines”. We are looking for a solution to find a way out of the crisis which has hit all neighbouring carriers”. The daily “Dnevni Avaz” speculates Etihad Airways, which has recently been linked to possible acquisitions of LOT Polish Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Alitalia as well as possible investments in the Slovak aviation industry, is behind the latest drive to purchase a 49% stake in the Bosnian national carrier. Sarajevo has never had scheduled flights to the United Arab Emirates. Late last year, Flydubai announced plans to launch a two weekly service to Sarajevo in April 2013. The planned flights were shelved in January under the explanation that crew duty times would have been exceeded on the return leg to Dubai, thus requiring a mandatory rest in Sarajevo and pushing up costs. Continue Reading

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Wizz Air to maintain Tuzla flights

The low cost airline Wizz Airline will maintain services to Tuzla Airport this winter season, following the success it has had in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s third largest city over the summer. The airline will continue operating flights from Malmo, Gothenburg and Basel to Tuzla during the winter months, though the no frills carrier will cut down on frequencies. Services from Malmo will operate two instead of three times per week, with flights from Gothenburg and Basel also to run twice per week. The timing for all the flights will be adjusted. The changes come into effect on October 27. Recently, Wizz Air’s Chief Commercial Officer, Gyorgy Abran said, “Our presence in Tuzla demonstrates our commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina and we hope to further develop our operations in this market”.

Wizz Air has been successful in Tuzla so far, providing the airport, which has been mostly deserted since it opened its doors, with thousands of passengers. In the first three month of operations up to September, the airline operated 164 flights and carried 25.096 passengers on its Tuzla flights. In addition, Wizz Air has recorded an average of 152 passengers per flight. The airline initially planned to carry 30.000 passengers on its services to Tuzla but at the time did not plan to introduce flights from Gothenburg and Basel in addition to the original Malmo service Continue Reading

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Želite provesti nezaboravnu jesen u Istanbulu?

Želite provesti nezaboravnu jesen u Istanbulu?

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Glavni grad Bosne i Hercegovine, Sarajevo, postaje sve veća atrakcija, kako za građane susjednih zemalja, tako i one iz cijeloga svijeta. Tome svjedoče i podaci kojima raspolaže Međunarodni aerodrom Sarajevo, a koji pokazuju da broj dolazaka u BiH iz godine u godinu raste. Continue Reading

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Wizz Air continues Tuzla expansion

Wizz Air has announced the launch of its third destination from Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the planned flights to Malmo and Basel, the low cost airline will also launch services to Gothenburg City Airport. The new route launch comes only days after Wizz Air increased frequencies to Malmo from two to three times per week, indicating strong ticket sales. The new flights to Gothenburg will primarily serve the large Bosnian diaspora in Sweden. Services will initially operate twice per week, every Monday and Friday, starting June 17. Tickets are already up for sale on the airline’s website. Further flight details can be found here.

Wizz Air’s swift expansion in Tuzla will be warmly welcomed by the airport which has struggled to sustain scheduled air traffic throughout the year. Tuzla Airport CEO, Enver Jukanović, believes Wizz Air’s flights will stimulate travel in the region. “I am certain that people in Slavonia in Croatia and Mačva in Serbia will use Tuzla Airport, which will contribute to further development to air travel in the Balkan region”, Mr. Jukanović says. He adds, “These flights will boost tourism as the region is known for its natural beauty. The Balkans must forget its differences and work together towards economic development and prosperity”.

During the peak summer season, Wizz Air will be operating flights out of Tuzla, Belgrade, Skopje, Split and Ljubljana to 29 destinations. The airline is soon set to reveal further plans for its Belgrade base and will also continue negotiations with Sarajevo Airport regarding a possible route launch. Wizz Air has now established itself as the leading low cost airline in the former Yugoslavia. It is already the busiest airline operating out of Skopje and the second busiest from Belgrade. With the arrival of over forty new aircraft in the coming years, the low cost airline is set to further grow.

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B&H Airlines to resume flights

After more than a week, B&H Airlines is expected to resume services this afternoon. The carrier has been forced to suspend all flights after its ATR72 experienced technical problems and had to undergo maintenance. B&H’s other turboprop, which is in Germany, is also in maintenance and is expected to return to the fleet during the 2013 summer season. As a result, the airline has been forced to cancel flights to Istanbul, Zurich, Banja Luka and Copenhagen. “We are expecting to hear from our colleagues from aircraft maintenance and I can’t give any further information. One aircraft is in Germany while the other is in Sarajevo which has to undergo small scale repairs”, Edin Hrapović from B&H Airlines says.

However, the Minister for Transport and Communication in the Federation government, Enver Bijedić, said yesterday the airline is grounded because its account at the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank is blocked. B&H has accumulated significant debt towards the bank, mostly during the time it was run by Turkish Airlines. The Ministry for Transport and Communication says it is negotiating with the bank in order to solve B&H’s problems. Late last year several airlines expressed interest to purchase a minority stake in B&H, however, Mr. Bijedić says, “Once their delegations payed a visit to B&H Airlines, they never came back”.

B&H Airlines’ suspensions couldn’t come at a worse time for the airline. Its signature Istanbul service is in big danger following the successful launch of Pegasus Airlines’ flights between the city and the Bosnian capital. Pegasus now plans operate a sixth weekly flight between the two cities during the summer. Despite its problems, the Bosnian national carrier is sticking to plans to launch flights to Skopje from April 1. Whether it will lease a jet engine aircraft by the end of the month, as was previously planned, remains to be seen.

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